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A Cohen & Co Ltd
Aanzil Private Limited
Alan Blair Demolition Ltd
All Metal Recovery Ltd
All Waste Trading Limited
Alps Metallo Ltd
Alwin Ltd
Amalgamated Metal Corp PLC
Antulay Exports
Axis-Tech Ltd
Blue Metals
Britannia Metals (Rochdale) Limited
C.F. Booth Limited
Cheap as Skips
Chungs UK Ltd
Copper Twist Limited
Dowgate Trading UK Ltd.
Euroasia Metals Limited
Everlite Corporation
Graig Environmental Recycling Services Ltd
Gujrat Scarps
Hamza Traders (UK)
Hermes UK Limited
HMV International Limited
Ikalon UK Limited
International Metal Recyclers Ltd
International Shipping and Trading Co Ltd
J Marshall Scrap Metal Recycling
Jighand Ltd
JM Northwest Russia
Kadri & Kadri Ltd
KTM Traders
Laks Limited
Landguard Point Limited
Look International Trade Ltd
Mays Trading Limited
Metal And Waste Recycling Ltd
Midas Trading (UK) Limited
Mitsubishi Corporation (UK) Plc
MSI Corporation ltd
Naga International
Nido Corp.
Noor's Traders
Paras Global Limited
Park & Paterson (Manchester) Limited.
R.M.Easdale & Co. Ltd.
Recycling Management Ltd (UK)
Roba Metals Ltd
Robinson Investments
SA Agencies Ltd

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