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Industrial Mart Ltd.
Integra Global Solutions
Integrated Concepts International Ltd
International Metal Recyclers Ltd
International Shipping and Trading Co Ltd
Isaac Shaw Ltd.
J A Trading
J Marshall Scrap Metal Recycling
J McIntyre Non Ferrous Ltd
J.W.B. Recycling Ltd
JA Fleming Ltd UK
Jazzy Trading Ltd
Jebb Metals Ltd.
Jhg Metals
Jighand Ltd
JM Northwest Russia
John Brooks Metals Ltd
John Lawrie (Aberdeen) Ltd.
Johnson Matthey (UK)
Jones & Sons Metals Ltd
Joy Bros
Kadri & Kadri Ltd
Keywell (U.K.) Limited
Khan Exports Limited
Kidderminster Metals
Knightlord Ltd
KPAA Limited
KR Limited
Krishna Limited
KTM Traders
Kymon Ltd
L & J Lonsdale Metal Merchants Ltd.
Laks Limited
Landguard Point Limited
LAS Waste Limited
Linhart Consulting Ltd
London & Kent Metals
London & Scandinavian Metallurgical Co Ltd
London Metal Company
Look International Trade Ltd
Loyal Impex Limited
M2 International
Maash London
MAC Limited
Mafuta UK
Marcus International
Masons Metals
Mays Trading Limited

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